Our Mission

Everyday across the world, millions of families gather with loved ones and offer one simple and powerful phrase: Buen Provecho. Translated into English as Enjoy Your Meal, Buen Provecho spans generations of laughter, love, traditions, and family gatherings. It is within the simple elegance of this phrase that Buen Provecho Foods finds their mission: To bring the highest quality food products and the best values to your kitchen table.

Buen Provecho, the flagship brand of E&M Capital Distributors, LLC was developed as an alternative to the generic and low-quality imported Hispanic food lines that had populated the ethnic and mainstream supermarkets over the previous decades. With a relentless pursuit of the highest quality ingredients, finest recipes, and keen product development, Buen Provecho has become a premier name in the international food market. Since Buen Provecho’s inception in 2014, the product line has expanded to include over 300 SKU’s including rice, beans, spices, snacks, and specialty drinks.

As a result of their commitment to gathering the best ingredients at a competitive price, Buen Provecho has become a standard for quality, taste, and value for people all over the world. As more and more families choose Buen Provecho products, it is becoming increasingly clear that Buen Provecho is the standout in the international product line.

It is this commitment to quality and value that binds Buen Provecho Foods and E&M Capital Distributors, LLC. Founded in 2008, E&M Capital Distributors LLC began distributing Hispanic food products to a bakery and two ethnic supermarkets in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Their dedication to serving and celebrating the needs and specific cultures of their customers led to E&M’s exponential growth in the Mid-Atlantic. Recognizing the absence of quality product lines in the market, E&M Capital Distributors, LLC created its own brand, Buen Provecho.

Working hand in hand, E&M Capital Distributors,LLC and Buen Provecho Foods offer your family a comprehensive and high-quality product line to meet your family needs - to gather, have a delicious home-cooked meal, and appreciate the traditions that make us who we are.


Flavors of home.

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